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Fort unterer

Together with several other organisations, the group is based in the old fortress building of the Unterer Eselsberg (Plant XXXIV). The fort not only offers us great rooms for all sections of our group, but also a diverse playground in the middle of the Eselsberg. Even in the dark season, we can still spend time outside in the evening, as the park lighting and the illuminated inner courtyard brings light into our darkness.

Our rooms are on the first floor of the left tower and include a scout leader room and rooms for the youth sections. Of course, our storage at the very top under the roof is not to be missed.




The large room offers enough space for a wild horde of children as well as, for example, our annual group meeting.

Here you will find full shelves with all kinds of play material, two whiteboards, comfortable seating and some tables for group work and much more.
There are two toilets here for urgent matters.


Here the young adults can chill on the platform seating and plan their projects. The whiteboard and the many storage options offer plenty of space to record and implement these projects. The room is also equipped for a game of table tennis.


At the very top of the fort's tower is our storage. From black tents to kitchen equipment and all kinds of costumes, everything a scout needs can be found here. Only where to find it is sometimes a real mystery...

G0621871 (2).JPG


The leaders' room is the centre of our work. Here we plan together, prepare activities and cook for most of them ourselves. Of course, we also have fun during social evenings outside of our work.
The room is equipped with a new kitchen with an oven, dishwasher and a large fridge. Crockery and cutlery for the whole group are of course also available.
We regularly hold our leaders' meetings at the large, round table, which is now even digitally supported with a screen and of course, Wi-Fi in all rooms.
The office for the leaders is also located in this room and contains all kinds of materials for the organisation, further training and activity planning.
In addition, there are two toilets and a cleaning room with all the necessary things.



Our rooms at Fort Unterer Eselsberg would be the ideal place for your next party?

We rent them out for group members and also for parties outside our group.
(Minimum age for renters: 21 years)

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